Tips On Answering Difficult Interview Questions

So, you followed the right tips and your CV got noticed by an employer and impressed them enough to invite you for an interview. However, the next time thing that worries job hunters is the interview itself or any difficult interview questions that might come up.

While many interviews can go well for the most part and if you’re lucky, the questions will relate to what you’ve said on your CV so you can answer them well, there’s always bound to be a question that trips you up or one that you haven’t planned an answer for. Unfortunately, one question like this can knock many peoples’ confidence or make them worry for the rest of the interview. Fortunately, DYWAJ have come up with some interview questions that often make people feel nervous about answering and some tips on how to answer interview questions to get rid of any pre-interview nerves.

“What’s your proudest achievement”

With questions like this, don’t feel the need to make something up that you think sounds impressive. Employers want to see what kind of person you are and what you’ve done outside of education or work. So even if your proudest achievement seems quite simple to you, the reasons why it makes you proud could impress someone else.

“What’s your weakness”

An interviewer isn’t interested in weaknesses that aren’t related to the workplace, so don’t feel the need to tell a potential employer that your biggest weakness is chocolate or leaving your washing up on the side. Think about feedback you’ve had at other jobs and think of an answer that comes across as constructive criticism, such as, you’ve previously been shy but you’ve now learnt to come out of your shell, or you’ve previously been too concerned with over-achieving but you can now work to the best of your ability consistently.

“Have you had experience with…”

Sometimes, the answer to this question might simply be no, or not yet. It’s better to be honest than lie as when it comes to the job, an employer will expect you to know what to do. Questions like this give you the opportunity to say that you are a fast learner or to show that you can transfer skills from another job to a new role.

When thinking about how to answer interview questions remember to not be tempted to lie and don’t let one bad question put you off for the rest of the interview.

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Some of The Worst Interview Answers Ever

From getting a potential boss’ name wrong to vomiting on the floor in an interview, we have all had some really bad interview moments. But it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in these awkward moments, DYWAJ have put together a list of worst interview moments!

Name and Shame – Unfortunately, for one potential candidate they were at their first interview and couldn’t remember the name of their interviewer. Looking at the name badge of her interviewer, she saw ‘Siobhan’ and started to pronounce it the way it was spelt. Just before the end of the interview, she realised she was pronouncing wrong and left with her head hung in shame.

Getting your Wires Crossed – “I was doing two interviews a day to minimise time off. I went to one in the morning and, when asked what I knew about the company, I proceeded to go into my learned blurb only to realise three quarters of the way through I was talking about my next interview which happened to be my morning interview’s rival. If that wasn’t bad enough, I went into quite a bit of detail on how it was the industry leader and how no other company working in that area came close to its success. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job and I was totally mortified when I realised what I had done. Then had to sit through 15 minutes more of the most tense interview ever.”

That’s Just Downright Random – “I fell over a potato on the way out the room after an interview. I’m surprised the job offer they had just made me wasn’t retracted on the spot.”

Sorry, what?! – One candidate reached their interview where they were let in by the receptionist and told to wait in the lobby where the interviewer would collect them. However, when the interviewer came they were speaking in Welsh and only spoke Welsh! Apparently, the job was for a Welsh-speaker only and they didn’t realise!

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