How to make the most of limited space on your CV

Whilst having a lengthy CV with all your skills, experiences and hobbies might seem necessary to ensure an employer knows all the best things about you, in reality, this can put people off your CV. With so many to go through, managers like CVs that they can read easily as lengthy ones won’t maintain their attention.

Quite often, one way of improving your CV is to condense it to two pages at most. This often leaves lots of people asking how to write a CV as it seems like there is so much important information to include.

To help you out, DYWAJ have some excellent CV writing tips if you’re struggling to know how to make the most of the limited space on your CV.

Get rid of your experience from years ago If you’re applying for a job that you’ve picked up the skills for in your recent roles, you can get rid of the part time work you carried out at college. While that’s valuable when you’re first applying for a job, an employer wants to know why you can do the job in question based on your relevant experience.

Check your formatting

Sometimes, valuable space is taken up simply because the template you’ve chosen for your CV doesn’t leave much room for actual text. Check your CV doesn’t have a big margin that takes up a lot of space, or that your name and contact details aren’t so big that they’re taking room that could be used for a couple of extra sentences.

You don’t need to list references

Even if you know who your references would be if you were asked, don’t waste space listing their details on your CV. Simply stating “references available on request” tells the hiring manager that you have them there should they ask.

Avoid vague descriptions

Employers want to know exactly what you have done in your job role and how that helped the team that you work in. For example, state why and how you “worked well in a team” without wasting space on phrases that don’t give enough detail. Instead, be direct and concise.

Once it’s perfected, upload your CV to our CV directory!

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