Writing a CV for your first job

You’ve earned your relevant qualifications or carried out the work experience needed to get a feel for the world you want to work in. However, when you’re young, writing your CV can be a daunting prospect. A lot of people feel they don’t have enough valuable information, skills or experience to include on their CV, especially when applying for their first ‘proper’ job.

Yet there are a lot of skills that you might have picked up along the way that you hadn’t even thought would be relevant to the job you are applying for, but worded correctly, they can be!

A lot of people end up feeling despondent during their job search if the only previous work experience they have is something part time that doesn’t quite fit the job requirements. Most people first try their hand at leadership in sports teams or other hobbies and it’s easy to think an employer doesn’t really care about this, but this is actually what can make your CV stand out.

To put a lot of minds at ease, we’ve come up with some fantastic CV writing tips for when it comes to applying for your first job:

Make the most of any work experience you do have

Even if the work experience you have carried out was unpaid and only for a couple of weeks, it’s still valuable! Make the most out of what you did by writing a list of your tasks there and how you helped the rest of the team (we know that sometimes work experience isn’t necessarily the busiest time of your life, but point out anything you did do and go into as much detail as possible about it).

Highlight transferable skills you learnt in other jobs

If you’re applying for an entry level role in your chosen field and all your previous work experience is in a shop or restaurant, it still counts! Highlight all the transferable skills you gained so whoever is reading your CV knows you’ve got the right skills for another role, for example, being organised, working well in a team and being a clear communicator will be valued by any employer.

Think outside the box

So you might not have been able to fit in any work experience while you were at college or university or until now you’ve committed yourself to other skills, such as sports or playing an instrument. When writing a CV for your first job, this is also valuable information. Think about how being in a team playing sports has impacted your work ethic and personality, or how learning a new skill or language shows your capacity to concentrate and your good commitment levels. For example, if you’re the captain of a team, you’ve got leadership skills!

Now you’ve got some tips for your CV, upload it to our CV directory and wait for an interview!

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