DYWAJ’S top tips before sending off a CV

Improving your CV can be done in a number of ways and it’s often small improvements that need to be made to increase your chances of getting an interview. When it comes to simple CV mistakes, there are unfortunately a lot of them. But don’t panic, the most frustrating CV mistakes are often ones that can be tackled quickly with a bit of proof reading.

With so many people applying for one job, recruiters are short on time. If the person doing the hiring comes across a CV that’s got a spelling mistake in the first few sentences, they might be put off reading any more about you completely. Similarly, if a CV looks messy or poorly laid out, it’s likely the hiring manager will move on to the next CV that’s easier to read.

If you’re wondering how to improve your CV, DYWAJ has created three quick solutions for you to use in order to secure interviews and the possibility of a new job role. They are as follows:cv

Proof read and then proof again!

Even if this means getting someone else to look over your CV, it’s essential that what you’re uploading is typo free. Unfortunately, spelling mistakes and typos can make it look as though you haven’t taken much time applying for the job and they make it very easy for the recruiter to decide your CV is a no, especially if plenty of others are accurate. A good way to proof read is to print out your CV and pay close attention to exactly what you’ve written, don’t just type something up and then upload it hoping for the best.

Check your dates

It’s easily done, especially when trying to remember what you did a couple of years ago and during what month. But ensuring your dates all add up and there’s no crossover or big unexplained gaps avoids the interviewer asking you to clarify your CV when you could be answering more important questions. Common mistakes like this might also give off the impression that you aren’t careful or organised, characteristics the recruiter is probably looking out for.

Is it clear

Perhaps the content of your CV is perfect and doesn’t need any changes at all, but the layout could be better. If you’ve used a table format for one page and the next page is all out of sync, think about how the information could be better organised. Long paragraphs will be off-putting but breaking it up into bullet points will help the recruiter find out what they need to know.

If you’re looking for a job, upload your CV to our CV directory today!

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