What job role does your personality suit?

Having the ability to match your personality with a job role can save a considerable amount of work stress in time to come! But how are you expected to know which career is appropriate for your unique personality if you only hold the knowledge of one or two job roles? DYWAJ are here to help guide you in the right direction!

Your personality is that of an introvert.

An introvert describes a shy, reserved persona. So, if you like to keep yourself to yourself, then DYWAJ suggest that your main options present a career within the IT industry. Types of job roles within this industry are as such:

● Web developer

● Software tester

● Computer programmer

● And many more!

Don’t stress! If you don’t know the first thing about IT and get lost working your way around your computer, then there is also the opportunity to go down other routes where interaction is very minimal; such as an accountant; an author; or even a film editor!

You’re an extrovert.

You are an outgoing, socially confident person. You are at another extreme from an introvert and are great at classic British small talk! As an extrovert, an interactive role is suited to you and your personality provides you with an advantage within such a role! Do you want a job as a…

● Public relations specialist

● Marketing assistant

● Sales representative

● Teacher

Or maybe something else? As an extrovert, you have endless career path options for your next job adventure.

You’re a travel enthusiast.

If you are simply destined to travel then you may be wanting a job in these various job roles…

● Tour guide

● Flight attendant

● Holiday rep

● Website designer

However, for some roles you will need to be aware of the language barrier, so it is key that you invest in some in-depth research about each job role.

You’re family orientated.

You may be a parent who is seeking that healthy work-life balance. But don’t worry… DYWAJ have suggested exactly what job roles could meet your needs:

● Counselor

● Nutritionist

● Personal assistant

These job roles lend themselves to the potential of having a private practice or might simply help you juggle your own work schedule, which is an amazing way to maintain a healthy balance between your steady career and lifestyle.

Of course, these are only suggestions and sometimes, something completely unexpected for your typical personality type can work out to be the best. So, if you’re ready to start your new career path then simply upload your CV today!

Best Interview Questions for Employers to Ask

Do you have any favourite interview questions you ask every single job applicant? If so, you’re not alone! We have spoken to the experts and it seems every seasoned interviewer has developed a shortlist of the best interview questions.

In fact, we have mastered the act of asking short and sweet questions that give you all the information you need – including if they’re a potential cultural fit for your business!

Here are some of the best interview questions you could ask:

1. Tell me about your greatest achievement at work – By asking this question, you are looking to hear what the applicant considers as being important. It also demonstrates what the applicant deems to be an achievement.

2. What kind of oversight and interaction would your ideal boss provide? You want to know how self-motivated your candidate is, especially in a company where a candidate who needs constant supervision will not fit! Vice versa, if you know the boss is a huge micromanager, a self-driven candidate may not succeed in this environment.

3. What prompted you to apply for this job? What interested you the most about this position? If you’re asking these kinds of questions, you are looking for what the prospective employee is most interested in, related to the position. You will get to see what motivates the individual and what is important to the applicant.

4. How would your current boss describe your work and contribution? This question says more about the employee than it does about their current employer. After all, this shows how the candidate perceives the support and opinion of their current boss.

5. How do you go about continuing to develop your professional skills and knowledge? You want to hire an employee who is constantly developing and improving on their skills and job knowledge. Make sure you listen carefully to what the candidate is saying and how they plan to develop their professional skills and knowledge.

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Avoid Making a Bad Hiring Decision with DYWAJ

Unfortunately, a bad hiring decision can put a massive financial strain on your company. In fact, according to recent studies, the cost of employing an incompatible employee is up to £15,000 for UK businesses, due to the time and resources invested in the hiring process.

While these mistakes are often inevitable and most companies will take this bad hire with a pinch of salt, there are a number of solutions that recruiters and hiring managers can use to reduce this risk and make the hiring process more effective:

Candidate Screening

Did you know 75 percent of applicants are unqualified for the job role they’re applying for? This leaves recruiters spending a good proportion of their time sorting through applications to find those that are right for the job! If this is not done correctly, ultimately human error can affect the quality of the hire and increase the risk of recruiting a “bad hire”.

However, at DYWAJ, we will do all the screening for you! Our team dedicate hours of their time reading through the thousands of CVs and filter them for specific roles. This is done by whittling down CVs according to experience, skills and qualifications before uploading them to our CV database.

Consider Existing Talent

Often, high quality candidates are overlooked – especially when they already exist within the talent database from previous applications. With all their information kept on file, why not make use of them for your current role? You already know they’re interested in the company and have the desired skill-set/experience for the job and so this will save you time finding another candidate.

Unconscious Bias

Unfortunately, during the recruitment process, there is a risk of the hiring decision being influenced by an unconscious bias. Whether in their CV or during the interview, you will developed a perceived perception and notion of the candidate that will affect their circumstance. This creates an unfair advantage or disadvantage to those applying for the role so to avoid this we recommend you review all the resumes blind – focusing on the qualifications and talents, not “demographic characteristics”.

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Six Things All Successful Job Descriptions Should Include

Do you want to attract employees who are best suited to your business’ specific needs? Well, if so, you should begin the process by writing up the perfect job description. It must be said that employers aren’t legally obligated to create job descriptions, but by producing one, it allows you to focus on how the role will contribute to your business and who is likely to fulfil that role.

So what should you include in your job description?

1. A job title – Sounds quite obvious – but we advise employers give candidates a good idea of the job role they’re applying for. After all, there’s no room for ambiguity when recruiting. Otherwise, confusing or misleading job titles could attract applications from people with too much or too little experience – wasting your time and theirs.

2. A list of main duties – Deciding on whether you have the necessary skills, experience or attributes for the job is important, so make it easy on the applicant when writing the job description. You should detail exactly what the successful candidate will be doing and be clear about the tasks.

3. Explain their role – While you’re specifying the details of their duties, explain how their role will contribute to the business and how it fits in with the wider structure. For example, will the candidate be part of a big team? Will they be heading the team or work under a more senior colleague?

4. Details of location – For those in unique and sometimes difficult family situations, it helps to know where they will be based during their working hours. For example, will they be working from home? Or will they be based in your head office? Make sure you include these details to help them decide whether or not to apply.

5. Tell them about your business – While 90% of the job description should be about the candidate and the role you’re asking them to fill, a small chuck should detail how the company was formed, how many employees it has, where it operates etc. This will give them the final chance to decide whether or not they are right for your company.

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Despite a large CV database, our team provide 24/7 support and guidance for all of our candidates. From how to write a CV to helping them with interviews, you can rest assured that every single one of our CVs is of the top quality. For more information about how you can get started on your search, get in touch with our team 0121 726 9520 or info@dywaj.com