Finding The ‘Perfect’ Employee: What Should You Look For?

To run a successful yet small business, hiring employees is one of the most important processes, this is because they are ultimately the people who will represent the values and ideals of your business. Finding the ‘perfect’ candidate can be tricky, however it is important to be patient and not rush, hiring the wrong person can do more damage and be a lot of hassle.

But how exactly can you find the right employee for your business?

The team at DYWAJ have put together a list of factors that will help you identify if your next interviewee is the one for you:

Making sure they’re a good fit – It’s important that your potential employees have the skills necessary to do the job they have applied for. However, it’s important your candidates integrate well within your business and your employee dynamic. Otherwise, you could see a negative turn on your employees productivity and overall happiness at work.

Maintaining a good work ethic and integrity – Unsurprisingly, years of building up a good business reputation can be ruined within a matter of hours due to dishonest and unethical employees. This is exactly why you want to hire people who will be honest and work without leading other employees astray.

Staying motivated – Beyond their paycheck, employees should be able to motivate themselves to do the best job they can. You should be looking for a candidate with a good drive, an excellent understanding and interest in the position and someone who is willing to perform above and beyond for their job description.

Using their initiative – Often, in a small business, it can be difficult for managers to “micromanage” every single one of their employees. Instead, you should strive to hire employees who can think and work independently, requiring little supervision and guidance. That way you can get on with your own important jobs and still reap the benefits of your brand new employee.

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Despite a large CV database, our team provide 24/7 support and guidance for all of our candidates. From how to write a CV to helping them with interviews, you can rest assured that every single one of our CVs is of the top quality.

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Struggling to land your dream job? Here’s How To Improve Your CV

First impressions count – and when it comes to a future job, it’s important to make the right impression in the initial stages. All you have to remember is that your CV is the very first thing a potential employer will be able to see, so it’s important that you take the time and effort to improve it thoroughly before applying.

At DYWAJ, we have seen countless numbers of poor CV’s, so here are some simple techniques to help you when improving your CV.

How to improve your CVs structure?

Think about the thousands of CVs companies receive daily… so how are you going to make yours stand out from the rest?

● Try adding some simple design elements to your CV such as headings, subheadings and tables. This will show continuity throughout your application, including your covering letter.

● Put any information regarding your education below all of your work experience. Often, an employer will put work experience and your previous knowledge above your education.

● When formulating your previous job experience section, you should only include the most recent 10 – 15 years of career history. Also, make sure these experiences are relevant to the job you’re applying for to guarantee success in the application phase.

How to improve the skills section of your CV?

There’s nothing worse than receiving a CV with work experience and skills that are completely out of date! So make sure everything in your skills section is current and you remove anything that is no longer relevant to the role you’re applying for.

In some cases, if you have a wide range of skills related to the position, we advise breaking them down into key areas such as, ‘software skills’ etc.

How to check your CV?

It’s important your CV is concise, to the point and easy to follow. This can be improved by shortening your bullet points and keep them to a limit of six or seven points through each section.

For more information or guidance regarding CV writing tips, contact DYWAJ on 0121 726 9520, or simply upload your CV today.

Your Guide To The Most Efficient Job Search

Do you want a job but find yourself struggling to manage the time wisely when it comes to the job search? DYWAJ understand that there are lots of other things you could be doing with your valuable time but since you clicked on this blog, it means you’re struggling to find the motivation to get going with it, so here’s your guide for the perfect job search…

Get yourself organised

Whether you sit down for job searching at the beginning or at the end of the day, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally for the task at hand, so…

● Get yourself in some comfy clothes.

● Switch off the TV so there’s no distractions.

● Make sure you’ve made a pre-planned list of the industries you aspire to go into.

● Have yourself at the ready with a laptop, charger, notepad, pen, water bottle and you know the rest!

● DYWAJ also suggest that you make sure someone is at the ready to proofread later on in the day.

Gather evidence

Before you even begin writing your CV, it is recommended that you list some raw material of what you have done in your life so far. You will need to sieve through every part of your experience to pick out the aspects that suit the role you are searching for (remember: everything you write on your CV needs to be somewhat relevant to the role you are applying for). List every skill you have learned or practised, as well as any achievements you may have accomplished.

Establish your 3 main talking points

It is well known that most write their CV with three or four items of information about themselves such as; their personality, ability for the role and their experience. You will need to ensure that when you are improving your CV, you convey a positive, memorable and clearly outlined version of yourself; how often is it that you meet your match in every single aspect? You need to convey this uniqueness to your employer to keep you apart from the crowd in a way that ensures they cannot resist you.

Tailor your CV to the job description

Pick your favourite organisations from your job search and then simply make a copy of the CV you have refined to make it more applicable to each job description, this will make the employer aware that you are dedicated to their organisation and may also increase the time in which they take to digest your CV.

After all of the above is completed you can then simply upload your CV to a CV directory such as DYWAJ, to ensure that your CV gets straight into the correct employer’s mailbox – simple!

Do You Want A Job To Kick-Start The ‘New You’?

The first chapter of the New Year presents New Year’s resolutions, and often a fresh, clean slate. However, for some, it can mean waking up on the first day back at work and feeling sick to the stomach at the thought of being back into the office. Therefore, the idea of a career move could sound very appealing in time for the year ahead.

Reasons why you might want to search for a new career path:

1. It’s the prime time to apply! Not only are people actively looking for a new job in this month, but companies are always eager for new employees at this time of year, as this is when they set their recruitment budgets for the year ahead.

2. New year, new you. The new year often presents the feeling of ‘you could be achieving more’, so use this time to reflect on what you really want from your career and whether a change of job would be the best plan of action.

3. The realisation of how you feel. After a nice break away from those dreaded emails, clients and colleagues, you may have come to the realisation that you deserve better. So why not act on this while you can?

The competition is substantial

DYWAJ strongly suggests improving your CV to be the best it possibly can. Separate the bulk of your information into bullet points, with the most important information in the first third of your CV, as this is where the employer will look first. Most importantly sell yourself in the best light you can!

One in five people are job hunting this January. Therefore, to be able to compete, you will need to compile a well-structured plan in order to ensure your new career path is the right one.

Draw up a list of companies that you wish to work with and which roles your skills match up alongside, then improve your CV to match this information, whilst adding in all of the keywords from the job description.

It could be as easy as just uploading your CV

The idea of DYWAJ is simple, just upload your CV, and wait for the new adventure to begin. We have a wide range of employers involved in recruitment in Essex, so there is more than likely an opportunity waiting for your skill set!

Listed above are just a few reasons why you should kick-start your new career path this new year. To get started, simply upload your CV to our CV directory today!